Relief activities

The foundation pursues activities to relieve suffering, help improve basic social services and assist and guide healthy individual and community development.  The foundation offers financial assistance where it is required, for housing for the homeless, providing access to food, clothing, healthcare and education, facilitating better access to already-existing government and non-governmental programs, and enhancing the representation of marginalized people and their issues.

The foundation promotes fairness in all processes, electoral, transactional and interpersonal, and works to promote respect and modesty in society.

How do we help?

Peace and Justice

Strengthening institutions for impartial justice along with the ability and resources to enforce it, with pivotal focus on decreasing human suffering and oppression. Studying areas of potential conflict and providing ways and means to identify and contain provocation and prevent and stop aggression and war.  

Human development and Economic Upliftment

The Foundation propounds individual and community evolvement with promotion of morality, ethics, honesty, compassion, respect, modesty and generosity at the individual and global level.

The foundation aspires to help with Increasing economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities and nations and helping make appropriate resources available for sustainable progress.


With the events of climate change, the importance of environmental factors in sustainability of the planet is increasingly apparent. Dignity Foundation promotes and supports environmental conservation and rehabilitation including saving forests, wetlands, wildlife, rivers and waterbodies, besides intervention for decreasing greenhouse gasses.

Social Services

Committed to our guiding principle, we continue to undertake relief work together with short-term and long-term projects towards self-sufficiency and progress of disadvantaged communities. We also share research and information with our contemporaries to improve the effectiveness of assistance and philanthropy for individuals all over the world.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

In the world today, the importance and need for understanding all perspectives of problems is overwhelmingly relevant. Dignity Foundation provides a platform through its forums and agency, utilizing the skills of competent professionals and individuals, to mediate, prevent and resolve conflict, and find solutions in the interest of universal harmony, wellbeing and progress.. 

Policy Affairs

Dignity Foundation, works with scholars and experts in areas of contemporary and long-term public interest, with a focus on selective substantive issues of universal significance, to research and analyze policy matters and make constructive and balanced recommendations.

Leadership development

The Foundation works towards developing awareness of shared human interests. It aims to develop leadership that would pioneer global wellbeing and espouse individual freedom, security and dignity for all.

Health Care

The need for training of Physicians in the United States is essential to maintaining the health care workforce. More than anytime before, there is a shortage of trained physicians and specialists in various fields to meet current needs, and this is likely to worsen. We work towards identifying and removing barriers to medical education and training and making it affordable, to bring the costs down and provide quality care to the population. 

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